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EXCLUSIVE – 50,000 Fans, 16 Track Bootleg Pack

A massive thank you to each and every one of my fans for helping me reach 50,000 Facebook likes! To show my appreciation here’s a 16 track bootleg pack full…

OUT NOW – The M-Ster (Richard Beynon Peak Time Remix)

You chose what Richard should remix and here it is! Eminem & Rihanna ‘Monster’ has been given the full Beynon treatment, creating the infectious M-ster. Once we hit 1000 plays…

COMING SOON – M-ster (Richard Beynon Remix)

The beginning of 2014 sees Richard Beynon add his big room sound to the huge Eminem and Rihanna hit ‘Monsters‘! The track will be available later this week, with the…



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